VMWare Host Not Reconnecting After Network Outage

We had an issue recently that was low priority, but still annoying. When a network outage would occur, the ESXi hosts running 6.5 would not reconnect to vCenter, both running 6.5 and 6.7. The ham-fisted approach was to restart the host, but that caused downtime for the VMs. All the articles I found said to restart the management agents, but that did not work. We could log in to the host just fine, and all VMs were running without issues, so we knew the issue wasn't with the host.

I finally figured it out because I SSHed into both vCenter and then the host, and the host could ping vCenter but vCenter couldn't ping the host. However it could ping everything else in that site so its wasn't a routing issue. And I knew that if restarting the host fixed the issue, it wasn't on vCenter's side.

The fix is to restart the management network directly on the ESXi host, using the DCUI.

To do so, enable SSH on the host via the web client UI, SSH to the host, login, launch dcui by typing "dcui", and then "restart management network". You should be able to ping the ESXi host IP again, which should allow the vCenter to reconnect.


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