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Functions to Import Skype and Exchange Remote Commandlets

These two functions will check DNS for any MX records and sipinternalTLS DNS records and then attempt to establish a remote powershell connection to those servers.  Function Import-SkypePSTools{ Write-Host "Loading Skype For Business Module" $SkypeServer = "https://"+ ((Resolve-DnsName -Name "_sipinternaltls._tcp.$env:USERDNSDOMAIN" -Type SRV).nametarget).tolower()+ "/ocspowershell" $SkypeSession = New-PSSession -ConnectionUri $SkypeServer -Credential (Get-Credential) Import-PSSession $SkypeSession } Function Import-ExchangePSTools{ Write-Host "Loading Exchange Module" $ExchangeServer = "http://"+ ((Resolve-DnsName -Name $env:USERDNSDOMAIN -Type MX).nameexchange).tolower() + "/powershell/" $ExchangeSession = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionURI -Authentication Kerberos -Credential (Get-Credential) Import-PSSession $ExchangeSession }