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Outlook VBA Macros for Journal Entries

I recently discovered how amazing the Journal function is in Outlook. Primarily, it's great because it has a timer on it that you can use to track your time. It also allows you to categorize each Journal Entry with a type, as well as the categories already in Outlook. I like using this for if someone calls me, there's an entry type for "Phone Call". I'll record what the conversation was about. It automatically creates a new entry at the day and time you create it. If I'm working on a script, there's a Entry Type for "Scripting". I'll record notes on what I'm working on, and my findings/issues I run into. If I'm doing a task, there's one for "Task". All of these are great but I wanted to add a little more automation to it all. I didn't like that I couldn't easily start a new Journal Entry from the E-Mail Home Screen. I had to open the Journal, create a new Entry and then start the timer. Too much to do when so