Updating Dell iDRAC ISM

I was working on installing iDRAC for an ESX host, and ran into a little trouble. Here's a small guide for the steps to do it. Googling it leads you to this article:
I didn't think this was clear enough, so here's some pictures too

When you are inside of iDRAC, you will see this:

Download the iSM installer.


Create a Folder inside a datastore

Upload the ZIP you downloaded from iDRAC

Enable SSH and ESXCLI inside the host

SSH into the host

CD to the directory

Actual command I ran:

esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/5d135ad3-ff5e8e7c-6d02-e4434b77b398/ISOs/ISM-Dell-Web-3.4.0-VIB-ESX6i-Live.zip

Even though it says you don't need to restart, you will need to get iDRAC to recognize it.


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