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Get-InstalledSoftware PowerShell Commandlet

This cmdlet will get the installed software that is contain in the HKLM set of keys from a local, remote or list of computers, and will return various information about the programs. It will return the name, current version and uninstall string . It pulls from the same locations that Add/Remove Programs pulls from. This cmdlet was taken from the URL listed below, but I added the uninstall member to it to aid for use in application installation scripts. Updated 1/15/18. GIS 2.0. Supports pipeline data for software names. Supports get-help capabilities. Added cmdlet binding support, including verbose, debug, whatif and confirm support. Contains line by line commenting for explanation. Function Get-InstalledSoftware{ <# .SYNOPSIS Gets installed software on local or remote computers. .DESCRIPTION This Script will query the registry to get programs that are registered as installed on the machine It will query both the 32bit registry and the 64bit registry. It queries HKE