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Distractions and Time Management

I’m always reading about different time management techniques but when I try to put them into practice, it can be difficult to properly utilize time management strategies in my office. I work as an IT Help Desk Technician, and I am no stranger to constant interruptions. Over the next couple of posts, I want to explore the relationship between a workplace designed around distractions and the effect it has on productivity. However difficult it may be, I do believe that there are ways to combat this and argue that you must in order to advance your career. If workers are constantly distracted or have to work on multiple tasks at once, it’s not just an annoyance that workers should be expected to overcome with willpower. Studies have shown that multitasking makes people demonstrably worse at the task at hand. If workers are forced to change tasks frequently, there is a “switch-time” involved. One cannot instantly refocus one’s attention to a new task if distracted by a colleag